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A new charity event for Herefordshire, summer 2017!

The 2017 Wye Float river festival is on Saturday 12th August – put the dates in your diary now!

Wye Float is a new and exciting adventure which is taking place this summer on the River Wye in Hereford.

The event involves individuals, families, or groups to float down the River Wye using suitable inflatables i.e. swimming pools or a rubber dinghies of their choice.

The idea originated from a festival in Helsinki (Finland) called the Kaljakellunta. This event has been an annual gathering since 1997 and attracts lots of locals and people from all over the world. The difference between Wye Float and Kaljakellunta is that our event has a strict no alcohol policy and not only will it be supporting four charity organisations, but we are looking to put something back in to the community by offering volunteering roles and river clean ups before and after the event.  

The field next to Hereford Rowing Club will be the event preparation area and Start Point which will open at 9am, this is to allow individuals to inflate their vessels. Various live music acts, food & drink vendors and other entertainment will be available for both the participants and supporting spectators free of charge.

After the event, we will be hosting an after party at Yates and Play Night Club to celebrate a successful end of a great day out and reward our volunteers, separate tickets must be purchased beforehand.

The float will begin around midday and the route will consist of a start point located at Hereford Rowing Club and along the route, you will be passing the Old Bridge, Cathedral, Castle Green, King Georges playing fields, Victoria Bridge, Bartonsham Dairy fields and finally the finish point located next to the Connect Two cycle path leading from Outfall Works Road to Rotherous Industrial Estate.

You must be 12 years or over to participate in this event, under 18s must be supervised by an appropriate adult. The use of buoyancy aids by participating adults is at their discretion, but the wearing of one is strongly recommended. Under 18s are required to wear one at all times. To participate you must be fully fit and able to swim a minimum of 25m without aids.

The great charities we are supporting are: Affinity Trust, Bone Cancer Research Trust, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. We are also supporting Hereford Youth Canoe Club, who are providing training and supporting us on the day.

If you are interested in taking part in the event or wish to gather more information on our volunteering options please email for more detail.Please ensure sure you are full aware of all the rules and regulations before purchasing tickets.

Video Featuring Britain's Favourite River- The Wye

We are so lucky as Hereford is the only city along the River Wye, it is the fifth- longest river in the UK, stretching 215 kilometres (134 miles) from source to sea. It was voted Britain's favourite river in a poll conducted by the Our Rivers campaign. 


Our aim is to provide a new and exciting events to young teens and adults.

To help support local and national charity organisations.

Provide lots of volunteering opportunity to individuals and family and teach them new skills,  whilst gaining experiences and sometimes qualifications to benefit their job role and future careers.

Put something back in to the community not only raising money for charity, we are going to be organising river clean ups. Removing unwanted waste from river banks, bridges and floating debris in the water.


We are looking for local businesses and organisations to donate, support a particular aspect of the event or the overall event. Becoming one of our event sponsors will entitle you to a range of benefits and a chance for your logo to appear on our website and all of our promotional material.

If you are interested or would like to discuss a potential agreement, then please don't hesitate to get in contact via email: